Been there, done that!

How are you today? Have you been there? Have you done that?

2020 set us straight to face the hard truth, through the inevitable COVID-19.

The question is, moving into 2021, what have you take from the mighty virus?

Some thinking to go back to the normal life, or more specifically the previous normal. Well, the only normal you are going to get is new normal!

Remember, the virus come as a lesson to everyone. It is a lesson over a lot of things. As human consumed vegetables or meat, you are consuming some form of life, just like the virus need human to spread, it brings us to understand, that there is always a higher form of life above us.

It is the same thing again, too, if you are looking back at your life, say, few years ago or 10 years ago or more. You shall gain more wisdom than before, even if the money might not appeared physically yet.

Again, the question is, are you the best? Better than virus, maybe?

How you defeat problems in life?

You have worked hard, you have tried to convince others, but others still try to put you down, virus still try to attack you, lockdown still ongoing and life still goes on.

The author shared as much as possible, the information in the author’s mind, and congratulations to you, able to absorb all that is given to you so far.

In the end, you still have to take that first move, second move, third move and so on.

No action is death.

Only action is alive.

So, always revisit your goal.

To the author, the goal, or the purpose, or the reason, or your direction, or else, all means the same thing. You are heading to a destination, decided by you.

And who are you again? You are a mind in a body, the 5% controlling the 95%, because as said, human brain is only 5% in use, however they are not aware that another 95% also operates subconsciously in a way, to ensure bodily synchronization, so that you know how much is enough to eat, sleep, rest, exercise etc.

But the 5% is greater than the 95%. The question is why? Again the answer is, the 5% has the power to decide which direction to go for the body, another 95% simply carry out the instruction to fulfill the direction.

Similarly in any country, the government decides how to operate the country, yet they how many %? Maybe around 5% too.

Since we have come so far, why stop here?

Let’s go further. Then why the 5% decide where to go? Why not the 95%?

The simple answer is, the 5% decide to take the responsibility to take care of the 95% and the 95% simply choose not to take any risk over the responsibility. If you have doubt on this, simply ask yourself are you willing to take over the position the position of the president/prime minister/king of the country that you are in. Or you simply accept whoever is in power?

At the same time, of course the 95% can take the lead as well. But again it is the same question, Are you willing?

And of course the 95% has the privilege to blame the 5% to carry out the works of the leader. And see almost all the country around is, what the people do? They blame as much as they can.

The author suggest you to look at what has been done instead. They failed because they deserved to fail or they have done their best? Get the answer to this.

The same thing applied to you and your goal too.

Too much failures around us, but have you done enough to achieve your goal?

It is ok to fail.

The most important thing is the effort that you put in.

If you have done your best, you deserve to be proud of yourself, even if the results are not in your favour.

Then analyze again how you can do better, and continue to improve.

Of course if the current goal no longer serve you, you can always choose a new goal.

But before you do so, always make sure, you have done your very best, that you have been there, done that!

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