Success 101

Stated simply, success 101 is competition 101.

Truly success is all about competition.

And all competitions are about one of the two things, namely win or lose.

You don’t have to win it all to be obvious, but you do need to win some of it to be successful.

Then the question is always about how to win.

How you can win?

This is the same question the author asks himself from time to time. Truly the author wants to help in all possible ways.

Go back to Chapter 1, on how it all begins. Remember the circle of success?

You have to be aware of the surroundings you are in, then come out with some thoughts, and take some actions, persists on those good ones, then you shall meet success, but only time will tell you when you attain it.

It is surely achievable, as you see from all those who have done it before. But it took time, sometimes reasonable time, sometimes a very long time. You have to decide whether it is worth your time to continue pursuing the same goal in the first place.

The circle of success did not take into account the competition that you have to face, because simply it does not matter at the start. Don’t compete because of your competition!

The only reason to compete is to do something you like or love. Competition come later.

Once you are set to go, with a goal, to do what you like, which make you feel good, that you felt can be persisted forever (at least your lifetime), then you are at the starting point.

You can argue on the ‘action’ part of the circle of success, that it include competition in the part of action itself. Well, the author agrees to some point too.

For sure you don’t change the course of your action following your competition if your competition beat you. That will be the same as follow your competition, then where’s the leadership? More importantly, where’s your goal? Your goal cannot be just following others!

But then it is definitely true, that the competition ask your to reflect upon yourself, especially when you are beaten, to find out what is wrong with your action. But then it is still your decision to make, to continue or to change course. Again you are back to your goal, do you still want to continue on the same path that you have set in the first place for you to start sailing?

It is a decision to be made by you and you only.

Therefore your competitions ask you to think and reflect, but never decide your next course of actions.

Surely thought process has to cover every possible angles, competition-inclusive.

But you have to weight then, whether your goal is bigger or better than your competition. (As said worth continue the same path or not)

Sure enough, never underestimate your competition, whatever better ideas or better ways or better thoughts that you are thinking, your competition are thinking the same thing, and maybe better. You have to be better to win!

Truly, in a way, life is competition, therefore life resemble a battle against something. Else you are just the same as living for nothing! And this cannot be true!

Don’t be nothing, but be something, or at least, try to be something, or simply do something about it! There must be something that you can do, for example reading this chapter on success 101!

You are here, means you care!

Reading this, at least, equivalent to a baby step! Don’t be frustrated, as you see, you are making a move here.

Then, at least, look at your goal, and look at some notable competitions, more specifically look at what they do, see how you can do better! Every successful act begin like this! If you do this, you are on the right track!

Then, always ask, “What’s next?”. Again, chess game, always think of the next move of you and your opponent/competitions. Doing this shall give you enough energy to continue, regardless win or lose, then you are on the right track, again!

Then, if you found yourself still surviving at the end of “What’s next?”, you must realize that you are definitely doing something right!

On top of doing something right, or continue to do the same right thing, then you must also see whether you can do the same right thing in the better ways, regardless your competitions or the move of your competitions. Always improving!

Lastly, the author must ask, if you reach this point already, why you have not achieved your desired success?

“Not doing enough” is a myth, a simple answer to that question. You know better on whether you have done enough or not. If you are actually not doing enough, failure is a must, nature simply not going to allow success without efforts.

“Beaten by a better player/competition” is a good answer. Then you must ask, what is the little thing that you can do better than all others.

For sure, if you reach here in the chapter 101, you have learnt enough, and you have done enough to know you deserve better!

Next, look at your current goal again, and do something on it.

It is always the same thing about life and success and competition. Always move with a goal!

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