Think and Grow Rich 101

This chapter is to pay tribute to Napoleon Hill.

The idea behind the secret of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is the backbone of the real secret shop.

There is a secret that will unlock your life if you really look for it, in the book.

Natural law, as said, is the rule of the nature. The nature says there must be losers and winners.

If you can keep your goal in your mind, then you can achieve it, as said, there must be winners.

If you are ready you have possessed half of the secret, then you will readily recognized another half when it reach your mind. Readiness can be simply your goal, or it can be your goal plus your actions. Another half can be the idea of what you need to do to achieve that goal or to refine the actions to that goal.

With that you have the secret, and the proof is the achievement you get in the end of it. Reverse-engineered it, you found you won’t have the achievement without your goal, as well as the refinement necessary to achieve that goal. But now you have the achievement you can definitely brag about it.

Sometimes you get lucky, we know when we heard you bragging.

If achievement is all you want, then the following won’t be of any importance to you. But if you are looking into the principles of success, you want to take out the factor of luck.

Take all the luck out of the equation, what is left?

You guessed it right if you mean ‘all the failures’. It means you have to overcome all the failures necessary to reach the summit. Look at a game of chess, sometimes there are multiple ways to lose but only one way to win, only if you have consider all the possibilities of losing and filter it out one by one, you will reach the solution in the end.

The author does not undermine your success if you ‘guess’ the solution right the very first time, but the success achieved in this manner is lacking the necessary elements to allow you to understand the principles of success. You achieved success just like that, and if you are to teach another person on achievement, your full course is just like ‘just do it!’ and ‘success!’.

Not everyone will get that particular result on the first try and that is the concern of the author here, to allow for the understandings of success to flow into your mind, even if you are the lucky one.

From time and time again, failures, ‘waste of time’, problems, discrimination, unfair situations, and whatever that you can think of, formed the foundation of any notable success. If you asked such a person on why certain things have to be done in a certain way, if such a person can tell you that is the way which works, and because he has tried it that way, plus he has tried multiple ways that does not work, then you know for sure this guy know about his own business!

When Napoleon Hill come out with the principles of success, surely he knew all the issues associated to it, be it good ones or bad ones. Truly the life of a person, whether you are rich or not, in many aspects, depends largely on how you approach your own feelings towards your life. You can feel bad, but then what is the good doing that?

Therefore the only way is to feel good. But feel good does not mean your problems solved.

It is definitely true, that the world is critically in need of a philosophy of success, and thanks to Napoleon Hill, a pioneer in the philosophy of success, you have the book “Think and Grow Rich”!

“I’m not only going to equal your achievements in life, but I’m going to challenge you at the post and pass you at the grandstand!”

This impressive line show Napoleon Hill knew he can be the best.

The real secret shop build on the foundation laid by Napoleon Hill in the secret as mentioned in Think and Grow Rich, and the only purpose is to extend his achievements in life to everyone possible, to assist them to pass whoever that they wish at the grandstand!

Just take one more step, to move one step closer to your success, and achieve whatever that is in your mind!

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