Are you the best?

When all things are said and done, the last question remained is, are you the best?

It is important to note the definition of the best.

For the author, the best is nothing but the effort to be the best.

When you have the ultimate effort of you, doing all that you can do, and you believe it 100%, that is the best in its purest form.

When we are still infant, there is no limit whatsoever. We know we have the path to overcome, and we are trying our best to figure out the best way possible to become ourselves.

I have to be me.

That is the best I can do, because when I am me, I am happy and I am beyond limitation in my mind. Never mind if physically there is some limitations.

So what?

The fact is, when you grow older, you shall be, stick to the same mindset as you are a little kid, going for what you want!

But what?

Sure there is physical limitations. So what? That’s life!

Think positive!

There must be a way!

Physical limitations are nothing but a test to your mind!

Success only came to those who believed they are able to overcome physical limitations.

Not all can achieved success, rightfully so! How many are there, who believed they are able to overcome all the physical stuffs anyway?

So if you are the best, you will be, rightfully, believing that, you are the best!


No matter how tough the situation, there is always room to do a little more and a little better, are you putting that little bit of effort to get a little better everyday?

And that’s the way!

And you can only continue that effort in one way and one way only!

You must believe!

You must believe that, you are able to overcome that physical situation that you are in, that you are meant for more, and able to handle the situation in the best way!


Can you do that?

If yes, then you are the best!

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