Theory of nothing or success?


What is nothing anyway? You don’t see it does not mean it is not there!

What is there?

What is there in the mind of successful people?

Of course you see nothing if you don’t understand!

First thing is always understandings!

How do you understand anything anyway?

Since birth, you are influenced by your surroundings about what is right and what is wrong, and afterwards you formed an opinion about your life, that you need to do certain things in certain ways due to your environment in the past. Similar stories of everyone, almost!

Truly, when you came to this world, when you are still a baby, nothing is in your mind!

And that turned out the greatest advantage that you have over others, because majority of them is thinking over nothing!

Empty mind does not equal nothing! You are nothing only when you have decided so!

Learn to clear your minds, of all the problems in the past, of all the unpleasant situations that you have faced before, you will find, all there is, in your mind, is only for good. In other words, there is nothing bad!

Theory of nothing states that you are only nothing if you think you are nothing!

Theory of success is, you are a success if you think you are!

Notice the similarities and differences!

All things are similar in a way, where you think about it, over and over again, until it become an obsession, causing you to believe it is true, and make you move, and take necessary actions to back it up, and in the end, get what you are thinking!

Nature creates human, human creates god, but some or majority of human argued god creates human!

Make a logic of anything you tried to make better!

If I, part of so many human on earth, can say a thing about god, that will be I am god, because I am part of the same people who created god in the first place!

What above god? Truly it is nature, the environment that we live in. This nature is the ultimate decision maker, it make when it needs to and it break when it is time. Whether it is plant, animal, human or whatever, nothing is going to escape!

When we see the trend today, we see machine learning, cloud database, self-driving car etc. Ten years ago if we talked about machine learning or cloud or self driving car, it would be like Thomas A. Edison talking about light bulb before the commercialization of that particular invention.

It is important to note the importance of belief here. Thomas A. Edison believed light bulb, and he made one!

Then what ten years later? The power of belief exceeds all expectations!

Truly, where you are today and where you are later will be up to what you believe!

You will be just nothing if you believed nothing will happen!

But you might just stand a chance if you believed you are a success…

The question is always… But how?

Sequencing of success always start with belief and the associated actions that you can see today!

Regardless of what is your current undertakings, there is always room to improve! Whether it is providing a much better services, or providing a better solution to an existing problem, or trying to invent something new, or do something that never been done before, or whatever… Truly, it always start with nothing!

You seldom see someone with a lot of money achieve any kind of noteworthy success!

People who are able to change the world is people who believed, and take actions in their position to do better! Change start with you, to your own mindset, your own thoughts, then your actions, and belief!

What keep you moving? It cannot be nothing! There must be something that keep you moving, even if going to that stupid company to work again today… (If there is nothing, then why not do nothing?)

A better model is, what I can do, differently?

What is the point doing the same thing over and over again? Even the problems in this world keep changing!

So the main difference of the non-believers and those who believed is, the believer usually is the people who succeed, people who make a difference!



What else you need to make a difference anyway?

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