Ingredients to make you

The physical you consists of water, some chemical compositions, plus the mindset molded straight out from your environment since birth.

So when the time comes, the physical you will return to the environment same as the time you came.

With you or without you, there is not much a difference!

However we are going to concentrate on, is the mental you.

Questions like what creates your thoughts, how you decide on your daily lives, the choices you made for the food you consume or the book you read… All this come from the mind, and the mind is trying to tell you something when you feeling it deep down inside.

Truly, your strength lies at the same spot! Your strength lies at there is not much differences with or without you, you live or you die, the world continues as it is. No one even cares, whether you are a failure or not, not to say success!

At such a low point, if you can maintain a positive mental attitude, that mental you is greater than the physical you, that your mind will outperform anything you can think of previously, then you stand a chance at your real success, to achieve your destiny.

The author always believe, there must be something for everyone to do in this world, not just to exist!

Everyone looked at it differently but everyone has their own destiny of life.

And the heart that pumps blood to your body will lead you to that particular decision if you try your very best to understand it. Truly your body tries to tell you something everyday, that you need to be something special, to achieve something special, to give back to the environment by doing good things that only you can do. And truly, there must be something that you can do better than anyone else!

Take off all the material things, look at your body in a spiritual plane, it gives you full support for you to go for your destiny. Never mind if you fail, it still continue to pump blood, it still keep you alive, the only thing that decides you live or you die, is your thoughts! And even if you choose to die, this very body still accept your choice.

You might call it nothing, you might call it human race as in the text book, truly you as one person cannot do much in this world, let alone thinking about changing the world!

When it is this clear, it is fascinating!

If a baby can learn so much things and go for his or her earthly destiny along the way, there must be a way for the machine to do the same thing!

New things are meant to be created!

So if the thoughts of making you can be applied to machine in a good way, that will be the future!

If the ingredients to make you are the thoughts plus the materials around such environment, machines are created in pretty much the same way!

Truly, there will be another evolution, the machine evolution! And they have to be able to fight and able to withstand. They need to go through the cycle of good machine versus bad machine, just like we have to go through the cycle of good man versus bad man in our lives.

Does the machine has the choice? The answer is yes and no. Yes because someone will create such algorithm to allow it, and no because there will be oppositions.

Everything around us is developed is a very similar way too. You can say it is always good versus bad, but it is always your choice to be good or bad. You might refer to your surroundings and opinions of others, but good or bad is always your own choice!

In the end perhaps good or bad, or, right or wrong, are not so important. Majority condemns the idea of light bulb when Thomas A. Edison tried to sell it. Majority condemns the idea of horseless carriage when Henry Ford tried to sell it. Majority rejects the use of computer during its early days. And majority rejects the thoughts of machine learning now.

But as usual, one day, you will be either making the change or forced to change!

Ingredients to make you or any other person or any other machine or any other kind of things is the same, all from the environment, if there is one major difference, it will be that, you are adaptive to change!

So, make a difference! Keep changing! Keep evolving!

Keep moving with a goal!

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