What is god?

Stated simply, god is your environment, your surroundings, or your physical grounds.

Thoughts are in your mind, god control all the rest.

The place that you are in, governed not by government, but by god.

Call it Jesus or Buddha or other relevant names, it means the same thing.

It is simply a FORM of thoughts, which generally teaches you to do good thing.

But why some go and do bad things?

The simple answer is, it works both ways.

Good thing or bad things, it always move into FORM.

If the place is governed by god, means there are rules set of god.

In short the basic rules are, there must be winners and losers.

And there are supplementary rules, like gravity, the air that you breath, light, and all other things.

As it goes, you will get the point, that all are god, you inclusive.

As such, since there must be winners (a basic rule of god), that means you are on the right track to win, you are on the way to attain your goal!

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