The brain of the universe

What is the universe? Surely the answer is the place that we are in.

Truly we are in the universe, and the universe is confined by the only thing called space.

Sure enough the universe undergo the process of evolving as well as all other living things, as for the universe is a living thing definitely. We are like a small tiny cell in the whole thing.

If the universe can be represented using the human model, and we are just a little tiny cell, then there must be a brain controlling the whole thing. To locate the brain is a thing too far away if we are just a tiny cell, however there is something that which convinced us that we are doing the right thing. The right thing? Sure, the right thing is the thing that is synchronized with the big picture, or in another words, the thing that comes from the brain.

But what?

What is the thing that the brain thinks about? Imagine a little cell in your body, accepting a command from the brain, over which to do something for the whole thing to achieve a goal, which originated from the brain. Of course the brain is a station of both sending and receiving. It is truly amazing, for the sending and receiving, to synchronize the whole thing from the thought level to the physical level, and it can only continue when the whole thing is in harmonious condition, thus it is so important that we maintain such harmonious relation in between each other to maintain the whole thing in a workable manner.

Now, your brain or your thoughts might tell you to earn more money, have financial freedom, go for that vacation that you truly wants, or even buy that car or that house that you want, and truly it is an amazing fact that the whole thing that consists of the brain cells, body cells able to work together to follow that direction.

A movement from thought to physical, again. Sure enough, that is the mission of you and I or any other person alive in this world.

We are here to achieve something! No matter it is good or bad, it is just a matter of judgment, and it never change the fact that we are still here to do something, in a small way or in a big way.

Of course you know this already…


The universe also has a brain, and is also here to achieve something, as in the big picture.

Where the universe is, as said, will be too far away for us to reach, but not too far away for us to imagine, truly the 100 years before 2017 shows how good we had developed our minds and prepare ourselves for the future.

However it is just a starting point. The change is just started, the world will be changed for good, regardless you like it or not, or you want it or not, or you choose to have it or not.

Truly change is the motto of the universe. Nothing stays the same.

Ten years ago you do this job, today you might still doing this same job, but sure enough the way you do it must be different!

Back to the big picture… So what is essence of the brain of the universe? Sure enough it deals the card stated “CHANGE”! But change what? Change everything is the key. Physical condition, mental condition, ideas at the thought level, all things must be changed. Guidelines, sure enough, must be for the better, faster, smarter, in the area of automation, endurance, self-learning mechanism.

Small notes : Self-learning mechanism is the key of future growth. Machine-learning is part of the self-learning mechanism, where multiple decisions can be made through certain algorithms. The author choose to believe the machine-learning mechanism is just a starter. The next thing is much better if you look at it positively. The author envisions the world of the future where the machine can perform ultimate tasks, to teach self-learning to our future generations. And truly this must come true, and the self-learning of human must get better, and there is no other way.

Truly human is the next thing to challenge the universe. As for the universe is the big father and human is the creation of the universe. If the brain of the universe can be simulated, and human can develop a way to preserve thoughts, and not just any ordinary thoughts, but the thoughts of self-learning, as well as improve the methods of self-learning, which is the ultimate tasks of human in this world, to reproduce the next generation with the current level of thoughts, so that they can improve the machine learning so that self-learning can be improve, as both must work together concurrently, for the better of both.

Over-reliance? But is that the only thing that you can think of, you ordinary person, who are nothing but a passer-by in this long-lived world?

Is it the use of wood to make fire in the stone age over-reliance? Is the use of weapons such as guns, bombs during world war over-reliance? Then is the use of internet over-reliance?

Truly there is no such thing as over-reliance as long as the tools that you developed can help to move one step closer to the right direction!

So what is right, as well as where is the right direction is the ultimate question.

Near to ultimate, maybe trying to push the limit, is another question, that is, can human beat the universe?

Sure enough, if the universe has a brain, and if human can simulate such brain and improve it, why not?

But of course, when the natural disaster comes, especially when it comes in such huge scale that it can destroy the whole thing, both the universe and human has to be destroyed.

Live or die?

What is the difference?

The difference is truly, to make a difference!

When something bigger than you, or bigger than what you have created destroyed you, the only thing that you can do before that is, to make a difference, to try to do better, to be better.

Truly there is nothing bigger than you created something bigger than you. But if the disaster is big enough that it can destroy both you and your creation that is better than you, at least you tried!

Try is the right word when something out of your control happens.

Back to today and tomorrow, yes, you can do better tomorrow than today, but tomorrow might be the last day for you, even today can be the last day for you, so what makes you decide either to do your best or not?

Truly you cannot have a definite answer, usually we simply make a choice and improve from there. Trial and error? Absolutely!

And yes, in the big way, even the UNIVERSE don’t know if you can defeat IT or not. But if you are going to challenge the universe at the big stage, surely you need to have some big qualities, such as ability to invent (to invent something better than you and can live longer than you), thinking in big picture (bigger than others), expert level thought provoking skills (not just to provoke the thoughts of human but also to provoke the thoughts of machines).

And if you have all the three main qualities as mentioned, maybe you stand a chance, truly!

So here you have it, the brain of the universe, and the three qualities that you need to possess to beat the universe.

Last question is of course, can you get the job done?

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