Success, sufferings and dissatisfaction

It cannot be emphasized more, that sufferings are essential to success.

And this is not a brainwash, this is the truth. Look at any successful person around you, it is not difficult to see that they went through all kinds of sufferings.

So, is it true that the person who went through the most sufferings will be the most successful?

Not so exactly, there is another element involved, that is dissatisfaction.

What you will do if everything is ok, and you are in your comfort zone, and you don’t have to do anything at all? Absolutely nothing! What else you wanna do right, if you don’t have to do anything at all?

But if you are not happy with your current condition, and you are not satisfied with it, then, this is the motivation for you to take action! Here is where most of the people felt doubtful, when they are doubtful they tend to do nothing and keep thinking, and if the thinking is a bit negative, it become more and more negative and in the end what they do? They keep complaining and continues to do the same complaining, over and over again… And what is the end of it? Truly, it is nothing!

Truly no one will be successful, just by doing the complaining.

Then what is the way? And what to do, especially when you have doubt?

Well there is one thing that you can do, and in the author’s opinion, it is the something that you must do. You must believe! You must believe that you will discover the solution! You must back it up with your action, to continue to search for the seed. Truly the only way out when you have doubt is, to believe in yourself, believe your own capability to solve the problem! And with a little light, you put in more fire in your burning desire, and keep refining the way out while backing it with your actions and persistence.

Truly, the author believes that is the only way to be successful. You must believe, you must keep moving, you must do something, you must take action, you must think positive!

And problems will come to you, for you to solve, if you are not happy with the situations that you have now, then do something about it. Never mind if it takes some time to solve, never mind if you need to suffer, because that is the only way as said.

If you have gone through enough sufferings by taking actions in the process of solving your dissatisfaction towards a situation that you face, success is only the matter of time!

And this is the truth!

So, you are not satisfied with your life? If yes, good. Do something about it!

Then, you are suffering in the process? If yes, good. You are one step nearer to success compared to those who are hanging around doing nothing!

Lastly, why you are not successful yet, if you are currently taking actions and suffers and believe and think positive and do whatever you can do? The only reason is, there must be some other tough person around which do more and suffer more and believe more and having more positive thoughts than you! If not, you have achieved the success that you want already.

Truly that’s the real competition, and the real competition is actually not a competition. You try to do good to the community, and it is only natural that some others also try to do good to the same community, if you share the same vision, think of a way to team up with each others. Two persons work together can produce output more than the sum of the two persons work separately.

You must be somewhere around the processes mentioned above. Figure out where exactly your current situation now, that will help you to narrow down what to do next.

Remember, you hold the power to do something to improve the situations around you, never give up!

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