Mind control

The use of the mind is always fascinating. And people always try to control others, since stone age.

Until today, the methods or approaches to try to control people are changing, but the motivation remains.

It is the author’s true belief that everyone shall have a free will, to think for themselves and to do good to others, in their own terms.

Truly what separates a slave and a free man is the will, and the ability to do it!

Let the author reflect again, today, 5th August 2017, we have all the internet facilities, and we connect to people around the world, so there is absolutely no reason we need to be restricted. The world is designed so that everyone can grow. If you cannot do this, and cannot do that, and unable to think for yourselves, this condition itself defies the true meaning of surviving already. A look back to the birth of any person in the world is, you come with a mind and a body, fully under your control, of course unaware for the start, but after time, you shall absolutely develop the ability to control your body, while the ability to control your mind is entirely up to your own level of awareness towards the understandings of you. By listening to others, going to schools, and the influences by friends and families, you formed an opinion about your life.

With such condition, of course you have the ability to do whatever you desire. But where’s the will?

And generally speaking there is only two main differences about man. One is the type of accepting the situation around him, another is the type of trying to change the situation which he felt dissatisfied. And the world is driven by those who are trying to change for the better for sure.

Then it is clear that, not many is willing to pay the price. Definitely, especially it is so easy to just say yes to anything that comes to you.

Why the author bring up this topic of mind control actually?

The main reason for this will be, to raise the awareness of the mind, so that you understand that, you have a mind that you can absolutely control, to the extend that you choose to accept the circumstances around you, or try to do something about it. And of course that choice will be entirely up to you, as said, you have a mind to control and the mind will control the decision that you make.

But at least be aware that you have that control of your mind. Don’t say you cannot change, that you have a lot of difficulties, a lot of problems, or don’t have enough money, or you are different, or anything else, because the person next to you who do better than you most probably have a situation which worse than yours!

Why they did it and succeed? Truly they have a mind to control and they control it.

And of course they have to pay the price of discomfort. As if others accept the situation as it is and do nothing about it as it is the easiest thing to do, they are putting in effort to improve the situation and it is their choice to pay the price to be scrutinized, to suffer, to be treated differently as they think differently, and truly to pay such a price means you don’t expect return, because if you do expect return you will start to complaint, then there is no point to continue as you will be doing the exact same thing as others, to complaint.

So, nothing but suffering, everything to be done except complaining, this is a choice to be made by any successful man.

And they start with a mind that they can control, exactly the same as your situation all the time!

And if you believe what you do will do good to the community, never mind if your friends and families tell you this won’t work, never mind if they say this thing won’t earn you any money, or you won’t get rich doing this, never mind if they tell you that you will fail, just do it, because all the successful man in the world become a success by completing the plan that they believe in, the plan which others don’t support at the initial stage.

Truly to change it need time. To be a success you need to see further, endure the sufferings, but after you get passed that, they say, why you are so intelligent, and able to pull it off.

Truly vision is the essence of a developed mind, to see the better ways of doing things.

Now you see the whole thing. The next thing is to decide, to control your mind or not.

Make a wise decision and you will be rewarded in the long run!

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