Success and Riches

Success and riches meant the same thing, you are getting what you want.

The famous HHW (happiness, health and wealth) formula is a good way to start, to understand the ingredient of riches.

Sure enough you need a life to achieve success, but it shall be given to you already, by god through your parents.

With life usually it won’t be perfect, but generally you will have some form of happiness, health and wealth (maybe not much).

Here the term resourcefulness come into play.

Complaining on the limited resources usually not going to help you, but to use whatever cards that you have been dealt with [resourcefulness] is key towards your achievement.

You always start with a goal, and usually limited resources. But as usual there must be winners. Why not you?

Set a goal and start moving!

Regardless of the situation of everyone, resources are always limited to certain extent. The point is how you use it to get to the final destination!

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