Failures, the more the better

Truly those who fails stand the best chance to achieve success, and the more you fails the better chance you have.

For sure you won’t find yourself, out of a sudden, become a success from no where, or without explanation. Every success has the respective explanation to explain itself, no matter you know how to explain it or not.

And it is one of the primary reasons of the establishment of the real secret shop, which was to explain the reasons behind all noteworthy success.

Be peace with all the failures, be friends with it, because it is through the failure which you are going to achieve any noteworthy success. But don’t let the failures put you down.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Surely winners never quit trying, even if they failed, again and again, they know, they have to continue, and by continue the actions towards a specific goal, they continue to grow. Make sure it is a sure thing, that you really grow mentally from each and every failures that you have encountered.

Those who face such problems before will have the better solution when the same or similar problem come again. They have learned, that certain ways works and certain ways doesn’t.

The great experience of life won’t come from any other place, other than your own initiative to continue the journey towards your own designated destination.

You must know where you wanna go.

Even if you don’t know where, make sure there is a place to go!

Because there must be a place!

You and me cannot decide when we come to this place, and we cannot decide when we will depart, but what we can do is, to decide where we want to go!

It doesn’t matter if you reach there or not, the more important part of the whole thing is to think for yourself and take necessary actions towards that particular destination.

There must be a place for you to go, there must be something for you to do, there must be some noteworthy achievements that you can get done!

Spend some time everyday to think about yourself, on how you can contribute better to the community that you serve. Never mind if that particular community tries to take advantage of you, because usually those situations which appeared like losing usually will ended up with a winning advantage to you.

Lose more, and do more still, regardless of the situations, whether they want to say good things or bad things, doesn’t matter at all, continue what you need to continue. Don’t get carried away when you heard good things and don’t get too low emotionally when you heard bad things. Truly life is about how you balance up the good and the bad!

Keep it deep in your mind, that the more failures the better, because the more the failures, the nearer you are to the achievements that you are looking for.

The author forgives all that people that have done bad to him, as now he is the ultimate forgiver, and he doesn’t care anymore about all these things, as for now, he is not only believe, but he knows that as long as he continue to try something new and continue to do something in between his capability, he will have the happiness that he seeks, and he will have no regrets whatsoever, as one day lived in his own way is a success of one day.

Money is secondary and always will remained in that manner. What if you lose all your money? You can try to earn more for sure!

And you can only do it by following your own dreams!

Remember, you are the best there is, you life is your decision, and you will definitely do well if you chose to do so.

Again, the author knows that everyone can be successful, and you can prove the truth of it by taking enough actions at your end.

But don’t be lazy, if you can do it but chose to do nothing, and you will meet defeat, but why so lazy?

Be the most hardworking person around, think about all kinds of possibility to improve your current situation, what you can do for the community around you, and how you can serve better. There must be a way for you to do better!

Surely life is all about the thoughts in your mind and the actions that you take, do enough you will be a success, just go through enough failures!

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