Enjoy the sufferings

Success is nothing but enjoying all the sufferings that surfaced.

Truly there is no success without pain and sufferings.

We must learn, not to take anything for granted in life, because you have to pay the price before you can achieve any kind of noteworthy success.

And truly, what you must do everyday is to do your very best, think through all the reasons, and pay whatever price there is to pay.

But you must make sure, whatever you chose is worth your efforts. In another words, you have no regrets after paying the price, even if you get nothing in return.

Truly, man is a selfish creature, because we have expectations. We have expectations around all the things around us, be it money, control of our works, promotion of our jobs, quality of our love life, and whatever things that you can think of.

Is it true that if you get nothing then you do nothing? However, if you chose to do nothing, you can be certain that you will be nothing.

Life is all about doing your best, furthermore, not only doing your best on the good day, but doing your very best during the days of pain and sufferings. It will get better one way or another, you just need to believe this once. Second time around, you will know the fact that, truly life is about how you handle all the pain and sufferings, because the good part of life will usually take care of itself.

First you must believe in pain and sufferings, then you know there is no other way to win big in life, except to handle the pain and sufferings in the very best way that which you can think of.

In conclusion, the author would like to pass the message that, all the wisdom you need to overcome all the pain and sufferings on your path to success is within you, and if you look for it you can be certain that you will discover it.

You can do it if you think you can!

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