What you want

What you want is the one most important thing in your mind. It is the crystallization of this very thought into its physical counterpart, that represents your success.

Stated simply, what you want is the most dominant thought in your mind.

You must want something to begin with.

Else it cannot be held true, that you want nothing, because if you want nothing you can go and become nothing!

So there must be something in your mind, there must be a dominant thought in you mind.

What is it?

Think about it!

Once you have decided, and after a long time, at the time you realized “what you want” into “what you have”, you will understand simply, thoughts become things.

If thoughts become things,don’t you think it is better to choose a better goal?

Do your best! Choose a goal that you can do your very best and reach the very top!

You can do it because you are the best!

There must be something that you can do better than anyone else. You just need to find it!

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