It’s not about the money

Action speaks louder than words.

How true is that?

You know it is not about the money, yet you do certain things still because of the money. If that is the case, you will be a slave of money. No one really gets rich by being a slave, especially a slave of money.

You heard it from all the rich authorities, money is merely a tool for them to get to the destination. What destination? You know this too. The destination shall always be the things that you do that which make you feel good.

Truly, it is not about the money and it never will. It is more important for you to fight for the things that you want than have a little bit more of money in your pocket.

Some might excel in fight. They fight to fight and they fight for more fight. They feel good to fight. You ask them to do something else without a fight, they will be bored. Truly this is a good example so to explain the fact and the effect of doing the things that make you feel good.

But what fight? Of course it is about the fight that you choose for yourself!

How about its extreme opposite? Say someone felt good doing nothing. The sad fact, or the true fact is, if you do nothing you are sure to get nothing. Truly everyone feel good doing nothing, and therefore it is not how the world works.

Always think of the things that you want to do, as there must be something that you can do, to do the things that you want to do, no matter how difficult or limited the situation is.

Believe in yourself, that you will find, that specific way out for yourself, that will bring all the happiness that you need to you, and thereafter, bring together with it, all the money you need to use.

Truly life is about believing in yourself. And to believe means to do the things you like to do and to feel good as a result. And to do means to think, you have to think of the things to be done before you do it, because your heart is not blind. And to think means you try to look for that idea, inside your head and around your environment.

And you will definitely find, that specific idea which belongs to you. If you put in efforts, you can be sure that you will discover that idea. And regret can be expressed as a lack of effort towards discovering the idea which can make you feel good.

As a conclusion, “feel good” remains the key to unlock your potential, therefore you must continue to search for the idea of it, if you put in effort for this, it is either sooner or later. And lack of efforts is nothing but the lack of “feel good” which caused by the one-sided acceptance where you simply accepted an offer without the right to bargain from it.

Therefore you must be sure of yourself, do your best as you can! If you are not the winner, usually it is excusable, however if you are the follower, you need to develop the courage. Then success is simply a matter of time!

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