Mental and physical

Truly what do you expect?

Definitely results. But what results?

Results usually come in the physical form, for example, money, position, acquisition of properties…

But why people is able to achieve extraordinary results?

Of course the question come with the portion where majority of people failed. When it come to this, we are talking about the mental state of the successful people. You can have the strongest physical form, but not necessarily successful. You might as well have the best mind in the world but that still not going to make you a success. In another words, a strong mind or a strong body is good for success but not the main ingredient of success.

And when we talked about success we mean noteworthy success. What is noteworthy anyway? It means something that make you feel fulfilled.

So what is the fulfillment of life? Something you get right? Yes! But what?

The main ingredient of success is nothing but a state of mind. It is the state of mind that which filled with positive energy.

What is positive energy? It is the energy that will bring to you the positive results! Sure enough positive energy brings positive results.

How you can get positive energy? The answer is… everywhere!

If you can get it everywhere, why so many failed to recognize it?

Habit… When you see things using the ways of the past, you will never recognize anything new.

Open your mind and you shall be revealed. But how?

One good way is to read this essay. If you read until here, the author can be sure that you are looking for the way. And of course of the actions that you are looking for a way, you must have the deep desire to get what you come for, so that leaves us with the most important question, what is it that you want?

Unfortunately the author can only tell you how to get it. You must decide for yourself the things that you want the most, then get it. And to get it, you will need to gather enough support, enough positive energy, and enough rest.

Both fight and rest are parts of life that we must go through.

See all these in your mind, at least for now, for it will reveal to you what is standing in between you and your success, in your past.

Remember you can do it too if others have done it!

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