Enjoy life on your own terms

Truly, to enjoy life on your own terms is not a choice, but a duty.

However you cannot truly enjoy life without some money.

So the question is, where is the money?

For sure the money you need is around you all the time, sometimes nearer than other time. But that is not the point. The point is you can get it!

How to get the money then?

Well, it has to be attracted, just like how you attract the woman you love into your life, to have an amount of money, no matter big or small, you call for the same power of attraction.

Well you might say there is money in the form of salary if you are working, or there is money from the previous sale that you made if you are in business. That is the past. Those money are yours not because you did not attract it, but because you did attract it by the action you took earlier, for example, the offer letter for the work you do that you have attracted, or the promotion that you have done for your products or services.

So the point here is it doesn’t matter. You need to have the power of attraction working for you. There is no other way. Sink or swim!

So how you attract the money now?

Sure enough the answer is…

To enjoy life on your own terms!

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