Balance of money and efforts

Put all the money in the world together with all the efforts in the world, are you going to get a balance?

It is surely so. Being the money holder means he or she has the ability to induce efforts from others, first by means of motivations and then by both means of motivations and money.

This is important, because the fact that the creation of the money or the values must be in proportion to the efforts done. It is not required for the person who holds the money to put in all the efforts, he is just required to induce it when he wants to.

Therefore when we look at the billionaires around, think of them as someone who is able to induce efforts from the others and thus reap the rewards of money.

Next consideration is, those others who gathered together to put in the efforts so that the person in charge reap the rewards, are they being taken advantages of?

One thing is for sure, you have to sow before you reap. Sure not everything that you do will bring results, you need to fine-tune and continue to work. Therefore it is the most effective person doing this who reap the most out of it.

Don’t be discouraged when you don’t get it in the first few run. Everyone faces the same problem, with the exception of few special cases. The key is to understand the situation better and increase the efficiency.

Of course if you put in no efforts, it will be resulted in nothing as for the rewards. So it shall not stop you from continue to try and continue to work.

Ever tried, ever failed, no matter; Try again, fail again, fail better!

With that being said, see you on top!

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