The goal of life (bird’s eye view)

As we moved on, there is a standard which governs things around us, either written or unwritten. This standard usually established by society itself, however actual results might vary. This situation is what the author called “civilization”.

Nothing much on the society as they are those people who lives around you, nothing much also on the actual living standard, as you can see how others live visibly.

The issue is the standard. We refer to the standard as the standard which covers the behavior of people, ways of doing things in different professions such as lawyers, engineers, doctors as well as the way a company shall behave.

So how the standard was established? Or how we become civilized? Truly there is no straight forward answer to it.

Even a company will behave in certain ways. The education system is established in a way that the students have to behave in certain ways and do certain things and completed certain works or examinations, so that they can be call a “graduate”.

And who dictates such a move or standard or ways of doing things? Sure enough this is something changeable by time, and it must be changeable. Often we get excited and want the change to happen faster, and that is where we get deviated from the majority.

In short, you want to push for change, and be that leader to lead the new ways of doing things, or a new business, or a new company, or others. At the same time, you need to be also aware of the support level around you, as you are going to require some level of support to push through your agenda. And that does not happen usually.

Let’s look at the current education system, you need to memorize/behave in certain way to be a graduate, thereafter you need to behave in another way usually. Surely a “REFORM” suggestion is pushing itself. And for the foundation of a reform, definitely you need to have certain skills/knowledge/ability to qualify you for a specific career in a civilized world.

What are the sets of skills/knowledge/abilities that which recognized by the authority of the field, to be essential for a specific career? Note: Authority of the field can be defined as those people who have the recognition of the majority of the society, as someone who specialized in a specific area of knowledge.

Usually they will set a standard, applied for new comers, on what to do, what to expect, how to behave and so on, that if those new comers do not behave accordingly, or not able to perform certain required tasks, they will be set aside.

Usually in a specific field, the test of such skills/knowledge/ability is done through examinations.

But the question to ask is, what, other than examinations, can be used to verify such level of skills/knowledge/abilities? Maybe a practical test…

So, how to qualify? Usually a theory test is a good start.

How if you are no good in studies, or failed the theory part of the profession, can you still be the one? Usually no, with the exception of business field, where the money you earn will be the ultimate judgment.

Even when you choose a spouse there will be an expected way to behave for you to follow. (Then maybe alone is better, no need to follow anything…)

Conclusion: In all things that you do, there will be a standard established by the society, which determine whether you qualify for the standard level of entry or not, thereafter, there will be never-ending fine-tuning and continuous learning and grinding, with no certainty of livelihood, except the certainty of you knowing that you want to continue to do certain things!

End note: The reason of wanting to continue to do certain things even when the obstacles are mountain-high and not much motivation from standard point of view : NO REASON!!!

Next level preview:

So it is clear that the goal of life is doing something that you want to do for NO REASON!

But how you will do something for no reason? You do need a push right?

Yes, you need that big wave, a wave so big, or as big as the biggest obstacle that you have ever encountered, to push you through. You need something so big that which threaten your livelihood usually, to push you to do something that you want to do, that you usually do not do because of the lack of the urge to do it!

Something bigger than the urge to do the things you want to do! But what next?

Truly you can create your own urge to do something, it is in your ability to remove your own livelihood in certain things, that which when you remove certain things in your life, you become pressured and will do certain things that you want to do no matter what thereafter!

Remove that special thing in your life, and you will become special, to face the greatest obstacle in your life, by doing all you can to do all you want, then there will be nothing left to stop you!

Bird’s eye view: Truly those who attained anything noteworthy in life do it in the way that there is nothing to stop them, and that’s why they achieved their goal of life! Truly the bird don’t care whether you make it or not, but by reading until this point, you must be able to be aware of something, if you are going to make any difference if at all, it will be entirely up to your own decision over how you want to live your life!

And in between the author and you, if you make it to the end, you will get the clear-cut point that, it is what you do during the can-do time that allows you to win the game of life!!!

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