Dealing with adversities

When you set sail to go and do something towards your goal, you are almost definitely sure to meet adversities. Someone out there will try to put you down because of all kinds of reasons.

And, truly there is no meaning to continue to dwell with them. Firstly, they won’t help. Secondly, they won’t change. Thirdly, it is too negative, and negative energy will definitely pull you down.

And to be true, the only adversity you can face is the mental attitude of yourself towards those who tried to pull you down.

You can go to a park, that no one knows you, and walk around. There you see the trees, the lake, the strangers. Most likely when you walk around you won’t face any problem, most likely no one will block your way when you walk around there.

Why it is having less adversities?

Sure, the trees are not able to pull you down, they are rooted. The people, they don’t know you, no reason whatsoever to pull you down too. But the real reason is, because you choose to take a positive shot, and go for it. You might still face some minor issues, such as raining, or the park is closed for maintenance, however most likely those situations are rare. Therefore the supportive reason to the real reason is, you know when you are going positive to go to a park, the chances are you are most likely getting what you want.

Switching gears.

Let’s talk money market, or the place you are earning your dollars for your survival. There’s some range that you might be in now. You might be earning thousands per month, or millions per month, or billions per month.

Well, the author does not need to know your figure, the point is, the adversities that you face to earn millions most likely is harder than thousands, and to earn billions, is definitely harder than millions.

First of all, why go for harder goal? Well you can go for easier ones too. Truly it is a personal choice.

A man should always consider how much he can get before he take any action, and how much more unhappy he might be after taken such action.

Choose the goal that belongs to you. Try to feel it.

However, if you have chosen a harder goal, a goal which is comparatively harder than other goals, then you are sure to face greater adversities. Be clear on that.

Therefore you must learn to love adversities. Take it as it is. Understand that you need to go through those adversities to win. And as said, adversities usually means those who pull you down, as a result we must learn to love them too!

You are the captain of your ship and you must accept all the crews, even those crews who tried to put you down. You need to go through these walls, only then you can win.

As a conclusion, don’t took those adversities, especially those people who tried to put you down too seriously, sure you must understand their impact towards you achieving your goal, but as a general rule, you must ignore them. You must ignore their negative energy and embrace your positive energy to achieve your goal!

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