It seemed simple but complicated.

In short, to simplify the whole thing, government is the one who control you by a set of rules, usually called the Acts of Parliament.

They are also responsible to print money. They can direct the central bank to print as much as they want (of course print too much will depreciate its value).

The easy way out is, if government can give you all the money, then you don’t have to do anything thereafter.

Here lies the most important question of all. It is what you do when money is not a concern.

The author dedicate this place, or the real secret shop to everyone who come. to help all to achieve success.

When success is simply the realization of your goal into its physical counterpart, you will see government plays no rule in it.

Yes, government can print more money, and government can give you money (usually not going to happen), but it is how much value you bring to the table, to help the others.

If you are the best, you deserve the best, money included.

There are also supply and demand factor in it. If what you do is in great need, you must be paid greatly too (law of nature).

So the important thing is what you want when you have enough money, without the influences of government or whoever else.

Deciding what you want, will be the most important thing you must do in your life!

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