Difficult? Good!

Often times, people will give you hard time. Things can get more difficult due to all sorts of reasons. As usual, it can be the people, like someone who don’t like you or so, or just because of certain rules or arrangement. Regardless, it is just a test.

REMINDER : It is just a TEST!

All the things happened for a reason. If there is god, god wants to test you! If you are god, you have to get through this to get better (Note : At least be a better god!).

If you see it as something difficult, good! All things are meant to be in that particular way, or the way that is, difficult to do! And the next thing is, how you handle it!

It can be said also, it is the reason for the difficult things to happen in the first place, because god wants to see, or people wants to see, especially on how you handle it!

The world wants to KNOW how you RESPONDED!

And don’t ever think of such situation as something that is not supposed to happened, because it must happen! If it happened in a way through someone who dislikes you, or your enemy, remember, it is just a challenge, moreover, a distraction!

Your enemy wants to fail you. Sure… That’s why they are there right? Are you going to fail? Or let them failed you?

The name of the game is concentration. Sure enough it must be concentration, you are against the distraction, remember?

In the mean time, take a look at those who failed. You can look around and you are to discover some failures around you, for sure! The only thing you shall do is to analyze the reason of their failures. And usually you will be able to narrow it down to few specific reasons, namely, escape the challenge, or did not put in enough efforts, or similar things. In another view, look at those who succeeded, you will see somewhat similar things too, namely, they do things differently, they keep a positive view of difficult things, that they can pull it through, then they worked on it, try to find the solution, and in the end, get it done!

Often time too, they are not only discovered the solution, but they showed their opposition something greater, that they are different! The first battle they win might be hard fought, it must be! But after they win, those oppositions around them usually see less chances of winning and might give up even the chance to fight. As a result, not only they moved in a more confident manner, but they see less opposition or competition ahead!

Confused? Sure!

That is the reason why most of the people failed, reason being they give up the chance to fight, or simply, they QUIT!

Worse still, some of them, quit without knowing, or without giving it a fight. This is the very reason why this chapter is written, because the author wants to make clear one point, everyone needs to know, any reason of giving up the fight is same as quitting.

Truly, the only thing you must do first is to set a goal. Are you with goal?

Then, the next question is, are you still with the goal? Here the author means your action.

Well, what is the purpose of goal if there is no action associated to it?

Result = Goal + Action!

No action, there cannot be any results, but what action you must took? What are the things that you must do daily, and what are the chances of you winning, better or worse?

Then what is the difference of you today, compared to yesterday? Are you of any difference today?

Then what shall happen? Failures…

Of all things, failures is a must to happen!

And it is your chances to make a difference.

And the differences is your chance to win.

Because if you can make the difference, then you will be a success!

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