Mental champion

What is stopping you to do what is good?

What is your standard of “good”?

Are you living a “good” life, where the “good” is based on your own standard?

If you think you are living a good life based on how others look at you, you are off the target completely!

If you are to excel in any field you chose, there must be some requirements, namely:

  1. Fulfill the “good” requirement as in “living a good life”.
  2. $atisfaction : Buying what you want when you want, without thinking of money.
  3. $kill-specific : Spend money to enhance your skill in the area of your choosing.

Usually the three things above needs to mean the same thing. In another words, when you are doing the things that you chose, you must be, at the same time, feel good, able to earn enough money out of it, satisfied yourself, as well as spend enough to continue to upgrade your skills. And you cannot do that when you are in a tight budget.

So, the first thing to achieve is money.

Money is everywhere, but in order for you to get money you need to have something.

Everyone has money, either it is a lot, or a bit less. What ever you sell, there must be people who has enough money to buy. What can you sell, so expensive that people can’t buy, and at the same time, come with the value of that amount of money? And when we see the meaning of the word “value” here, the author mean value to you as the seller, as well as value to them as the buyer.

So you must have something. In short either you sell products or services.

Products cover physical products as well as digital products. Services cover your own time or OPT (other people’s time).

So now you look for that something to sell. Go for it if you found it.

Next, now we have something to sell, right? Whatever the idea in your mind, and whatever you sell is your own right, and the author does not have to know.

The last thing is, transaction. People pay you to buy something from you. End of story.

Forget about donation. Getting money without something to give is an idea that is obsoleted.

Talk about transaction, you must have something steady. You might get someone to buy without actually creating the same amount of the value of that money, but it won’t sustain that way for long. You need to be able to consistently create values to people, because that is the only way to ensure consistent buyers.

As a conclusion, define mental champion.

The author define a mental champion as someone who is able to create values to others consistently.

Why create values, you might ask…

Maybe the simplest answer is, it is good to do so!

Not only it is good to do so, you need to do it to live a good life, to feel good, to get good results, spiritually, mentally and physically!

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