Never give up

Some people keeps trying, no matter what.

No matter they are successful or unsuccessful at their attempts, they keep trying, always trying.

Age is never the issue, just look at US President, or better, look at the current Prime Minister of Malaysia. Just look at the reason why they managed to hold the high position. Not far you will find something related to “never give up”.

The issue is how bad you want it, just look at how many times “Mushi” has attempted “The International”.

He must win, if he has decided to win. If he lose, it is only because he has given up first in his mind. And it is the same for you and any other person. It is the same!

If you are to win anything, it will be because of you never give up and keep trying.

If you are to lose, it will be simply because you did not fulfill the above requirement.

Always the case!

Therefore, NEVER GIVE UP!

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