Half Half

If you are ready, you have possessed half of the secret, therefore you will be readily recognized the other half when it reaches your mind!

You must definitely have a goal, as well as some actions associated to that goal to call yourself ready.

If you are already moving towards a destination, along the way, obstacles is a must.

When faced obstacles, the key is to come out with solution. If turn left is bad, how about turn right?

There must be a way.

Why? Because there must be winners. The law of nature states that there must be winners.

You cannot lose every single time. What is the fun losing all the time?

God is not stupid to design such a losing game to you, the only explanation is for you to overcome it!

Overcome all the losing games, overcome all the obstacles are the processes to attain success for the masses.

Keep moving regardless.

Don’t stop half way, because stop means getting no where.

You are destined to be a winner, keep this in mind!

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