Me and ether

Truly the day we are still breathing is the day that we are most productive.

Imagine for one second, you are now return to thin air. Think of someone you know that is no longer present physically in this world. Compare the two, what’s the difference?

The only difference is, you can wake up and continue the rat race, or, no one even cared about your non-existence. From another angle, you can still wake up and pursue your dreams while the thoughts in the ether will take even longer to manifest.

The key for this exercise is to imagine you are a thought in ether waiting for the right mind to take it into physical world.

As you can see, the only thing that separates you and ether is, you are capable of achievements but ether is still in the process of acquiring the physical counterpart of its growth to proceed further. You can go back to ether which you will but your ideas can go on and live forever.

Set a goal that is worth dying for and achieve it, you will see that you live a good and worthy life. Do some other things you will see yourself short of something. It is really the most important thing for you or anyone else to go and do the things that is worthy of you and your goals, because that is the essence of life which make life worth living for.

Therefore think for a second today, see for what you are doing this very day, and check it yourself, on whether you do something worthy of you or not. The good thing is, you can always change for better!

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