World No.1

Are you the world No.1 in what you do?

To every noteworthy achievement there is competition. When there is competition there is usually only one winner.

Truly the author agrees that you are the best in your own way, but if you go and compete with another person in an existing field, whichever field that you choose, most likely there is already a world champion or another person which is ‘the best’.

The key question is, are you going to quit because of that? Are you going to quit because it is too difficult to beat the best?

To be the best you have to beat the best. But if you cannot beat the best, are you going to quit?

Of course, you are not the best yet because you have not beat the best, but it does not mean it cannot be done in the future. Well, the chances are slim, maybe really slim. Then? Are you going to forfeit the competition altogether because of that?

In the 21st century, truly there is nothing which is easy to be done. It is, as said before, simple but not easy.

Keep trying is the start, but failure after failure, what next?

Put it simply, you have to decide. You have to choose whether the game is worth your effort to play.

You must decide whether the game is worth your efforts, even if you cannot win.

Truly, you must still do something no matter what. If you don’t believe in this, then maybe it’s time to die. But even the author does not believe this. The author believe you deserve better!

But what is better? Your efforts!

Your efforts, is all that matters. What else mean anything to you if you cannot win right?

Doing something itself must be a reward to you. Then to win it is a plus, to lose is normal.

When it is normal to lose, then you are, and you must reward yourself by doing something you love.

For example, the author likes to study, from engineering, to law, to people. Continuous learning is the thing to be done even if the author gets no where.

If the author can achieve anything noteworthy at all, it will be a big plus. Else the author knows ‘I am keep improving’, else ‘better to die’.

The answer to ‘why I am the best?’ must be, because I continue to improve!

And the effort to improve must be the minimum reward that you accept so that you can continue the journey to achieve your goal.

With that, nothing can stop you!

For better or worse? No matter what, it must be for the better if the action itself is a reward.

Remember you are the best. There must be something inside you waiting to come out.

What is it?

If you don’t know, keep looking.

If you know, keep improving.

If you are the person of continuous improvement, nothing is going to stop you, even failure!

And that is all in your success story!

Truly ‘take action’ is success in the simplest form!

Therefore to ‘do your best’ will be the best utilization of your life in this world!

If you look at anyone that is the ‘World N0.1’ in their field, you will find they keep training hard/working hard/fighting hard when no one is watching, because that is the way!

You don’t expect to win the game during the gameplay only. You expect to train to perform at your best at all time, because that is what you do. And what you do is the same thing, keep improving at all time, because you choose to do it that way, because you have decided that is your life, because you have decided your life must be this way!

So what if the ‘World No.1’ lose? They keep doing the same thing!

They might come back to ‘World No.1’, they might not.

So what? The important thing is, keep on improving. Getting there is merely a plus!

A plus means nothing if you don’t appreciate what you have done. It is what you have done that has meaning to you, not that trophy or the catchphrase ‘World No.1’.


If you get this point crystal clear, great! You are, at this moment, have the mind of a ‘World No.1’!

So, congratulations!

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