Product of environment

Product of environment, you and me and others.

But who is the best?

Those who did not endure the test of environment, i.e. get the easy way out, usually unable to survive for long.

Only those who has gone through the multitude test of environment and passed, stand high chance to continue the game and win.

People can put you down for a while with the power in their hands but the question is how long?

It is the game of endurance. And you have to believe you have got what it takes to win.

You might faced a lot of problems along the way.

Guess what? That is your advantage to win the next game.

No one is destined to lose forever. Sooner or later your turn will come, you just have to endure through it.

Someone who has endured through problems, failures, obstacles, time and time again, has accumulated something that others don’t have. They have accumulated the experience of all the bad things, which is so important to get all the good things.

Truly, all the good things start from the bad things. And if you have enough of the bad things, good things will come eventually!

Because that is simply the product of environment. You just have to go through it to win!

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