Be generous to yourself

Be generous to yourself, to let all the people go, if they choose to.

Truly this is not mainly on generosity to others even if it appeared so. Even in that case, there is no harm to be generous to others.

The main point here is, in order to be generous to yourself, you must let those who want to leave you, leave you. Only then you can focus to get better. No point you want to continue to carry a burden that is telling you it want leaving everyday.

By letting go, you are creating a situation where, only those who are willing to stay around you, continue to stay around you. This is extremely important, as you dont want those negative voices such as complaints on you limiting them to continue.

What if your spouse in this case, wants to leave you?

Let them go!

Maybe there’s children, or other settlements involved, but those are secondary. Primary issue is, they want go, then let them go!

Truly you won’t be able to force anyone to stay, if they have made up their mind to leave anyway.

It’s like working. Any employee can just go at any time, freedom to move. The most is, they pay for short notice. Well, they still can go anyway. Payment for such short notice is merely to cover the troubles caused by them to you.

Therefore never ever allow anyone just simply walk into your life. Qualify them! Make sure they are worth of you in the first place.

After they qualified, or, in another words, after you decide they are worth all your troubles later, if in case they want leaving, then you don’t complain too. Remember, it is you who qualified them in the first place, that if they are going to leave, you will accept all the problems unconditionally, to the extent that, they might require to serve you for short notice before they go, or they might require to pay in some form, for the short notice given to you for them to leave.

Truly, in this life, you are all alone. This is a game you have to choose in between continue or forfeit. Forfeit means give up hope, give up life, or death. Continue means accepting all the problems as well as taking all the possible risks, especially risks of people. You have to be clear, people come and go, it is the same for the case of your life as well! People come into your life, and people go away from your life just like that too!

Take it or leave it!

The game of life demands respect from everyone. You have to respect the rules. Everyone deserved to choose whatever they want to do with their life, and pay for whatever price life demands from them for that!

It is you, who has to decide, what is the things that you are going to do when life goes on.

Before life comes to an end, it is what you do, or the things that you do, that makes you or breaks you.

It is what you have done to your life before the end of it, that decides on whether you have lived a fulfilled life or not!

Let it go now! Whatever things others have done to you, let it go!

It is what you do from now onwards that matters!

You deserved a choice for your life, others deserved the same thing as well!

Make sure you respect the rights of others along the way in attaining what you want.

As of now, whoever in your life want go, LET THEM GO!

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