Are you the best?

The best means you are doing your own things for sure.

The best can be the leader, also not-yet-the-leader.

Congratulations if you are the leader, it means you lead people, or businesses, or others.

Here the concern is always with the majority of the people, who are those so called not-yet-the-leaders.

The not-yet-the-leaders simply has not achieved the role of the leader, but embedded with the characteristics of a leader.

Remember, a leader leads. Therefore, in a way a leader don’t follow the others.

The leader can follow others in other field, but not in their own field or specialisation.

If you want to be the leader, you need to have the same mindset, only then you are the soon-to-be-the-leader.

If you have the leader mindset, remember it took time and effort too, to achieve the leader status, or simply to lead.

Leader mindset is a must to be the leader, but it does not mean all with leader mindset will be the leader eventually. It is a balance of competition and mindset.

Not only a need of a leader mindset then, but which leader mindset is a better one.

To have a better leader mindset means you are competing with other leaders as well.

To beat the other leaders you need to have the better if not the best mindset out there.

Are you the best?

This shall be the question to ask yourself every single time.

Always come out with the better idea, better thoughts, better ways of doing things, and keep on trying, never give up. [Competitive advantage]

Also take note on reality, as reality is tough. Don’t fear failure, as for you to fail to better ideas or better leaders, means you are going to polish your skills further and be better thereafter.

It does not promise success in the end, therefore it is a choice you need to make, on whether to continue or not.

If you know what you do is right, go ahead and do it!

On top of that, if you are not absolutely sure yet on what you do, keep thinking and searching for that something that belongs to you!

Remember, whether you are at the top or not yet reaching the top, there is always something to do and it is the same thing to do as usual!

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