Don’t live in the past

You carry with you all the things in your memory, as such, you can forget everything physical that you have.

It is this ability to start from zero, that enables you to achieve anything you want, especially if you are facing difficulties/adversities/problems/etc.

Even if you have too much in your ownership, it is still important to know that you can only carry so much knowledge in your mind, assisted by your brain, that your physical belongings are just external, to help you to lead your mind to fine-tune further the goal that you currently have.

This especially true, when a self-made millionaire/billionaire do things. You will observe that they simply don’t care much about other things, except their single goal at any particular time.

They have learnt, that everything noteworthy that you can have is wisdom, or the softcopy that you can keep in your mind. The hardcopy, or the hard cash, or the cars, or the houses, or else, just to get you more of such wisdom, for you to achieve greater heights, that is to reach your goal.

It is this ability too, to let them keep aside the past, for them to move into the future. They know that the past is merely the wisdom/knowledge, and if you are lucky, wisdom/knowledge plus some property/physical assets.

Again, it is the thought that counts. Napoleon Hill stressed this in the famous Think and Grow Rich. What you think makes who you are.

What you have, you will leave it to the others, physical or mental, hardcopy or softcopy.

Money/cars/etc are just the hardcopy for the softcopy that you have in your mind. You just have to print it out.

HOW? You must be thinking…

The short answer is to always be a student, and keep learning.

There will be light-bulb moment when you think about it by yourself, else get a good book and read it (as said, Think and Grow Rich, the only book you will ever need), or go to a good website hosted by someone who has studied Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich like a parasite for years and read their works (such as here).

If you have a question about your achievement, please ask, because no one else can help you on this. You must take the first move.

The author is proud of what he is doing here, able to help the rest of the world to achieve noteworthy success as a whole, and will try his very best to help you achieve your success!

But first, let your everything go, let your past go, let your physical things go, keep just your mind and the ability to understand and learn.

Thus, keep an open mind, learn from the best, such as the author here, as a teacher of success.

Don’t live in the past.

Fly into the future with your success!

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