Enough is enough

Are you the best?

It is certainly the most important question that you have to ask yourself from time to time. The author cannot stress it more, that it is what you THINK, on whether you are the best or else, than what others will think, because no one else will have the idea of you are the best if you yourself is not able to do so.

So you set a goal, start sailing, do whatever it takes, facing failures, facing obstacles, facing difficulties, but given the situation, are you doing the best there?

Remember, you are destined to fail. In fact you are designed to fail.

Therefore success is a miracle that only you can pull off, with your goal and best efforts.

There is simply no other way.

Enough is enough. Kind of the principle of life. Once you get enough of something, or hitting the limit, you will see it cannot get worse than that, same as pouring water into a full glass of water, it simply cannot be done, so it overflowed.

But if you fail you do more. When enough is enough, you still pouring the water into the glass, right? Well, try to get a bigger glass at the same time!

More importantly, apply ‘enough is enough’ principle to the very essence of failure, as said, you are designed to fail, and you deserved to fail, so fail as much as possible, until it is overflowed just like a full glass of water. Then you will see, that is all that you have to overcome to win!

So now you know that is all you need to overcome, so do more, keep pouring the water, or give your best efforts, because without your best efforts, nothing is possible.

Now since you are in the failure overflow zone, what is next, is simply to think positive about what is the next thing to do or what kind of improvement you can do next.

You know that you are in the failure overflow zone if you can feel it cannot get worse anymore.

You don’t have to think or believe to know, because for the failure overflow zone, you simply knew, as if it come naturally if you have given your best efforts.

Again best efforts consists of the best that you are doing at the moment, together with your own review over the failures, to improve the things that you do.

Of course you have to compete with your own thoughts. See only the physical results of failure if you are beaten, but always see how to do better.

There must be a way.

Change is the routine that you must have. Always change your actions quickly as soon as you have confirmed there is a better way, but not the goal itself.

Of course you will have to review your goal from time to time, to evaluate whether such goal is still worth pursuing or not.

Ironically, the most important question, or ‘Are you the best?’, always come together with the ‘enough is enough’ concept, because you become the best after you knew you have done enough, and this relate to know that, enough is enough.

Partly your best efforts can be said as the missing link of the question ‘are you the best?’ and the statement ‘enough is enough’, because you can only be the best if you have given your best efforts, and you can only know that you have done enough after you have given your best efforts.

So that lead us to the last question to ask you.

Have you done enough?

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