The best form of success

What is your form now?

Is it good or is it bad? As you know your form is nothing but your own interpretation of you.

Are you in the best form of success? This question will be completely answered here.

As said again and again, you must fail, and fail multiple times to be exact.

Theory is simple but you might need to take the longer path of practical steps. The benefit of those practical steps are eternal understanding of the law of success, plus the quick recognition of thoughts that sync with you.

And to talk about success, we are here to grind about failures again.

How’s your collection of failures up to today? So far so good?

If you are all the way, the author would like to suggest you are at the wrong place. By the way, if you have such successes, you shall not need the author to help you for more successes anyway.

But even if you have so much successes, it is important for you to understand why you have done it and others still struggling to get there.

If you have been there and done that, the only way is by applying the success principles.

The question is what principles of success you applied?

You must have a goal already, as well as think through all factors and take all necessary actions, again and again, changing and refining strategies every single time, to be better at your every next attempt.

Is that all?


Then where are the others? Maybe they are catching up at, or they are just indifferent, hanging around waiting for miracle.

And guess what they get in the end for the indifferences? Absolutely nothing! And they are amazed by it!


Again the question is, are you the best?

Define the best. Sure. You must have a goal, and keep moving towards the goal, by your spirits, thoughts and actions!

Are you doing that? If yes, then you are the best.

Not convinced? Sure!

Majority of people are taught to earn money, or work until they die, and guess what, they did just that!

Majority of people, especially now, being told that they need to pay for whatever they want, and guess what, they pay for it!

But one thing is for sure, that is, you will leave this place, not even bringing your physical body with you!

Truly you are a form of spirits, thoughts and actions. All the physicality is for you to get there, meaning to achieve whatever that is your goal.

And this form of you, must go through unlimited grinding, over and over again, until you reach the pinnacle of you.

So if you are reaching there already, good!

But the best form you can have is the form when you are grinding, where you accumulated all the failures.

So are you grinding for more of failures, especially now?

If yes, then you are in the best form of your life!

And that is the best form of success you can ever have!

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