Chapter 2 : What is the real secret

Let the author tell you what is the secret. The author mean the REAL SECRET, as taught in the movie the secret, as taught in the book the secret, and most importantly as taught in the Napoleon Hill’s own think and grow rich, a bestseller in self help for years, and no one come close.

The next person still alive teaching the secret is Bob as in the movie the secret and the book the secret. He is reading the same book over and over again for around 60 years now!

Here the author will try his very best to make you understand what exactly is the secret.

For the secret comes in two part, one part is to be found by you, that you will readily recognize it, if you noticed it.

And another part is this.

You need a goal.

But not just any goal. You need a goal that you can classify as rich, success, happiness, health and wealth.

Goal = Rich = Success = Happiness + Health + Wealth.

So now you have a goal, anytime you feel like want to change it, do it! But don’t do it too often. Then it is simply a goal-based and belief-driven ACTION!

Extra note: Your mind is the your consciousness, and your body is your subconscious. Your mind can only take whatever goal that you have accepted for your life and your body can only execute it.

Imagine you are Usain Bolt in 100m sprint. You wanna sprint to the finish line in a straight line, you don’t wanna turn left, or turn right, or stop and think first, or whatever…

Everyone can beat him if he ever sprint like that.

Then take action? Absolutely!

The question is what exactly the action you need to take?

Not just any action for sure!

The brain is the computer. Info in, info out.

Info in from where? Your parents, your schools, your surroundings, people around you, or simply YOUR ENVIRONMENT!

Info-in is environment based then? Absolutely!

To try to drag you out from your environment, truly is a big burden. It is truly a tough job to do!

In short, to create the info-in to your brain by creating an environment in few days with the hope that your info-out is improved is not easy.

But it is a tough job as said.

Let’s say your mind is open, and now you have your goal in the right place already, then this info-out needs to be passed from your brain to your body.

Truly if your body rejects the info-out due to existing habits, then you will absolutely fail! It is the law of the universe that thoughts become things, by your actions!

So now your body needs to EXECUTE the info-out.

Now you will say, ‘I believe I can earn one million or one billion dollars or whatever it is the amount in your mind, why it is not working?’

In short it is because your action is WRONG!

What is wrong?

Look at your daily behaviour. Clearly some of you still have your actions entirely tied to the existing habits.

Of course existing habit is too difficult to change! How many years you have behaved like that? What can be done by reading this for one time or few days? Maybe move you an inch? Even that will be a great job done!

In short, people see your works, see your message, see what you wrote, hear what you say, people know.

Clearly to change an existing habit, is the same as asking someone to jump off the roof!

You will say, but my action is driven by my goal…

The author will even agree with you that due to your current job you might not be able to do things freely, because the author is the same!

Finally the finishing touch.

Your goal-based action is simply not going to bring you anywhere, not even near to be noticed by any of your potential customers, if it is without the special element of belief.

In short your goal-based action has to be belief-driven!!!

One simple question will illustrate clearly whether your goal-based action is belief-driven or not.

Do you think what you do able to bring you the results you wanted, or allow you to achieve your goal?

Be true to yourself when you answer this question. Because if yes, then do it, do it more, do it like the last day of your life, just like Steve Jobs.

Because if no, then you have a lot more to do, a lot of fine-tuning, a lot of efforts to polish your skills, soft skills or hard skills or whatever skills you need, in order for you to get there!

Here the author come to a conclusion. You need to have a goal, not just any goal, but a goal that can bring you success, riches, happiness, health and wealth, then you need to have a goal-based and belief-driven actions.

For some doubters, you might ask…

‘But what is the secret if I have not set a goal?’

Well, that is the real secret that can be found only by you, as per mentioned by Napoleon Hill’s THINK AND GROW RICH!

Choose your goal wisely, back it up with belief-driven actions, then sooner or later, success, riches, happiness, health and wealth will come to you!

The author not just think or belief as such, the author know that as a matter of FACT.

Now that the author has revealed to you the most of the real secret, in fact the most anyone has ever revealed, and in the author’s knowledge, only another person still alive has come to this level of revelation of the secret to his students, and of course that is Bob as in the secret the book and the movie.

Next, only one question remained.

What you are going to do?

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