What is the best?

Are you the best?

Are you doing the best?

What is the best?

And most importantly, what is the best definition of ‘the best’, or how you classify yourself to be the best?

All these questions are going to mean the same thing actually. As long as you are doing your best, and, of course that will include you knowing you are doing your very best at the moment, the author see you as the best!

You don’t want to set a goal that is too easy, that you almost know for sure you will get it done, but you don’t want to be disappointed all the time all over again.

So how to balance it?

There is nothing wrong in setting a goal to be world No. 1 for sure.

The author is going to say the author is the best, even world No. 1 in this field to teach the secret of life, even matching Napoleon Hill, as he has turned to dust but the author is still keep moving. And this is just one of the reasons.

But no point to brag too, the only point the author is going to say the author is world No.1 is to show you the audience, you are going to be one too.

But to be world number one, you have to put in the thoughts for the start, then back it up with your actions, more specifically your best efforts.

And yes, if you have done your very best, then you deserved to call it your best efforts.

But what if the reward don’t come? For example you were in the Olympics and fought along the way and reaching the final for the gold medal but lose. So you ended up a runner-up or a Silver medalist, so are you world number two or else?

Fine, admit it. You were on the losing end, actual/physical result was you failed to achieve world number one. Exactly true, who wants to argue on this point anyway, especially when it was physically shown.

Here it is the biggest difference of a world number one and the rest.

A world number one will try, and fail, and try again, until he/she wins. The rest just do it one time, and if they are lucky to get a world number one, it will be a one-time. That to the author, is pure luck, because at least the mental side of it is lacking.

But what if a world number two keep trying and trying and yet to get the desired results, i.e. world number one? Who is world number one? The ‘keep trying’ world number two or the ‘lucky’ world number one? In this case, it will be definite, that the physical world number two is having the world number one mindset but the world number one is clearly not.

The KEY ELEMENT is the mindset of the world No. 1.

Then the real question come. A group of people, all with the mindset of the world No. 1, fight for the title world No. 1. You know there is only one winner. Exclude the winner, can you consider the rest as world No.1 too?

Of course the rest of the people is not physically world No. 1.

Again the KEY ELEMENT is the mindset of the world No. 1!

You have to think like a champion!

You have to think/believe/know that you are going to win, even everyone else don’t!

In the end, what really matters, is you think like a champion, more than the rewards of the champion. Of course it is good to have the rewards, but it cannot be the reason for you to compete.

You do it because of it is your GOAL!

What is your goal? It is simple a decision of you, to move to a point/destination. And you back it up with your best efforts, then it does not matter whether you get the rewards or not, because it is the destination.

It is more important for you to take note/enjoy the journey towards the end destination than just getting the rewards itself.

You can have the money given to you by someone, but what difference that it really make? Sure it improved your physical situations in some ways, but remember, whatever the rewards, it cannot change your mindset as a champion.

You can only think/believe/know about yourself as a champion by changing your mind, not by any kind of physical rewards.

Who can tell you to be a world champion anyway?

There is only one person who can do it…


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