We can never see past the choices we don’t understand

We can never see past the choices we don’t understand.

If we can see past the choices that we understand, we are a goal-driven person. Means we have a GOAL, and the goal belongs to us, because we make the choice, we are the one who choose (without outside interference).

But depends on our level of UNDERSTANDINGS, the way we classify the information, which, without outside interference, might filter out the information that is important, and taking in the information that is less important, in which, will results in a CORRUPTION of information.

This CORRUPTION of the information is the same with a corruption of the information of hard disk of a computer, means the computer might still function, but with the virus, you cannot detect the virus, but the virus is there, even if you see the virus, you might think it’s not a virus, as long as it never corrupt the OS(Operating System).

And that is comparable to our survival in this world. When we are small, we are told of what is right and what is wrong. But who define the meaning of right and wrong? And who decide what is right and what is wrong? When we are not given the ability to choose, but only the ability to accept, it is a BRAINWASH in its purest form.

And when we grow older a bit, we care less of what is right and what is wrong, because it deals less with what is workable for us, i.e. food, clothes, a place to live, transport, friends etc. We started to understand we need SUPPORT to survive, and when someone still telling us what is right and what is wrong, we are fully AWARE of his standard already, i.e. we know their choices of what to believe in. Then we care less of what they say, because it is not related to our SURVIVAL. We listen because of the necessity to listen, nothing else, put it in layman term, it is called COMMUNICATION (which is largely about listening to others, inclusive of those people with lower level of understandings).

So what we do if we do not know there is a corruption of information? We ignore it, and if it is ignorable, we will continue our ignorance. We will not be aware of the corruption, unless if we are INFORMED of the corruption.

How it is possible for us to be INFORMED? It is impossible, and that’s the point. If we can hide the truth, so that, the system is still workable with the corrupted parts in it, without the risks of creating identifiable problems, there is no need to RECOVER the system.

In this situation, only the few who are aware of the corruption of information will not be affected by it. And if that few people are to take advantage of the situation, in which if we understand the law of SURVIVAL correctly, it is impossible to avoid such a situation, and the result is simple, they took CONTROL of the system.

However, back to our levels of UNDERSTANDINGS, what we understand at certain point of life is, what we understand is continuously changing (based on the environment we are in), so we are actually have a chance to be aware of the situation at certain point of life, as the system cannot be perfect although it can be made to be almost perfect, so that, it is really up to us to choose to ignore it entirely, or choose to THINK about it all the time.

But as human being, we are imperfect, the good news is, in the imperfect system, there is something perfect. It is Belief. What we choose to believe, if we can believe it entirely, that we are willing to stake our everything to it, there just might be a chance, but just might be…

Of course then we will carefully choose a plan, and TAKE ACTION accordingly and when it is done consistently, SUCCESS is a sure thing.

However, we need to understand one more thing, i.e. our environment is already too complex for any simple minded people to understand by few lines of words.

For example, a choice that is coupled with outside influence, without the awareness of the person who make the choice, is not a CHOICE, it is one type of CONTROL (a very smart one). Such a person is under the control of a system, without his own awareness. And the end result is fully beneficial to the system, because such a person is a person of IGNORANCE, which support a system of IGNORANCE, to be IGNORANT, unless the system of IGNORANCE fails, which is a rare case.

In a simple term, we called such a person “a normal person”, a person in which his behavior, his decision making, his belief, his style of work, his way of communicating, his fear etc. are of a predictive pattern. However, when their patterns are identified, the first reaction is always “No, I am not like that.”

DENIAL, is something which must present in the human mind, for the SURVIVAL of human depends on how they get the support from other, in which sometimes they need to violate the rights of other, without admitting the violation.

Come back to a system where a few control the many, there must be some imperfection. But WHAT imperfection? If you guess it right, yes, they cannot control everyone, they can only control ALMOST everyone. Or there must be another few, who are not controlled by the system.

How they escape?

1. System of ignorance fails, luckily most of the people not affected, but this few people, don’t know lucky or unlucky, are not supported by the system, thus they need to rely on something else, THEMSELVES.

2. They are selected by the few who controlled the system, to be the successor. They are taken out from the system by those unaffected few. Now they rely on THEMSELVES to continuously control the system, by fighting the few escaped in No. 1.

It is not so important, whether they are from No. 1 or No. 2. The important point is, They are INFLUENCED by the real thing to understand what is real. And that is the only way to understand the truth.

Now, being INFLUENCED by the truth, we UNDERSTOOD the truth behind the choices we have made. And when we understand the truth, we understand ourselves, and our purpose in this world, i.e. TO SEE PAST THE CHOICES, because now, we are making our own decisions, without the influence of the system, because we are now, controlling the system.


We are strong, that’s why we are controlling the system, the next thing for us to continue our control of the system, is to continue our harmonious relationship among each other.

There’s a price to pay, of course, we have to share the control. But when the rewards are not good enough for us, we might need to violate the rights of other, as stated in the law of SURVIVAL, overrides the law of SUCCESS.

The truth is we can never lose faith of SUCCESS, that’s why we are still surviving.

However, the truth is also, nothing remains the same forever, everything changes, competition is the law of SURVIVAL.

And the truth is not biased towards good or bad, it’s neutral. it supports SUCCESS as well as FAILURE, which is why success and failure must go together.

Having success will give you happiness, health and wealth, but the ultimate satisfaction of life only come with understandings of the truth, that the sum of failure must equal to the sum of success.

And when we understand this, we will be motivated naturally to action, we care less of what they think, or what they do, because we understand, never mind for us to fail, because the more we fail the more we succeed.

If we have too much of success, it is more difficult for us to find a way to fail, because it become a burden, which we can only get rid, if we can find a way, and such burden is full with temptation and seduction, in which the unwillingness to let it go is greater than willingness to let it go, such a person’s life is worse than a beggar at the side of the road, because the beggar is a failure.

What can be worse than failure? SUCCESS.

So WHY we still need to believe we can continue to be successful? Because we can fail successfully.

And that’s the point.

When we reach such understandings, PEACE OF MIND is with us. Everything that has a beginning must have an end, because we are finally one, because we are the beginning and the end.


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