Hope and Movement

Hope is nothing but to change something from one form to another form.

It is so simple but far from easy.

Movement is the process of hope, or the process of change, where something move from one form to another form.

And sure enough since birth, you are destined to move from one form to another. However once you have your own consciousness, you have to decide what form you want to be.

At one point or another, you might require help from the others, but the fundamental issues still unresolved, mainly, such as the voice of the others. They might think of “why I want to help you?” and the action stopped right there.

Then things are not moving, and how you are going to move from there onward?

You must have hope.

But not necessarily you will have movement at the same time. If you are going to achieve something big, it will be something against the flow of the masses.

You must think of a way to get the movement. You must get the support.

Never stop trying to look for the way to reach for your goal.

Continue to take action.

Always have hope.

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