Your sins are forgiven

Whatever you do in life you are sure to meet problems. Problems might come from the people around you, or from the things that you do. Either way, always remember it is our part to make better the situation. We are here not because of it is perfect, but because of it is not perfect!

In a not-so-perfect world, you must accept the fact that not everything you do will end up with good results. The design of the system is in such a way that you will always receive something not in favour to you. It is just the way it is, no need to file your case and complaint or whatever. Most importantly we need to accept it as it is!

With that in mind, then we look into what we want to do. Then we access the practicality of those ideas that we have. Choose something that you are good at. Do something that you want to do. And make sure your desire and your doing is a match.

But even if you are doing what you like to do or what you want to do, you are still sure to meet problems! Why? As said it is the way as it is. The world is designed in such a way. We need to adapt to it. This is simply because the world won’t adapt to just one of you. You can imagine it would but you can be almost certain it won’t, if you are apply the objective test or the test of a reasonable man. Who, as the reasonable man, with reasonable thoughts, will think of such a thing, that the world will bent just to suit one person? The definite answer is no.

Therefore on the way to our successes, we must forgive all the sins of them, and focus on all the goods that we bring to the table. That will make you feel much better!

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