The mental equivalent of success

You don’t do it because of other things did not work. You don’t do it because of money. You certainly don’t do it because of coercion or force or instruction.

You will only do it because you want to do it!

How to know if you want to do something? You don’t really know actually, until you have faced enough. All the tough situations, all the problems that you faced before, all the difficulties arose, and every other things, all that will bring you to a point where you realise what you want to do with your life.

The unit to measure life is actually how you feel. There’s nothing about money, or position, or social status, or anything else when it come to your life. You decide what you want to do, you make that decision because that is the thing you want to do without money or anything else. In other words you do it because of you, nothing else. And when you do something because of yourself, you have all the reasons to be happy, because nothing else will bring you happiness more than that.

The truth about life is, time will come for you to leave, the key is what have you left behind.

Pass that, if your idea is one of the best, not difficult to see all the money start flowing to you and the things that you do will become more and more fruitful.

It is the whole idea of nothing into something. And it is achieved by the a clear thought moving into form, through you!

If you believe it, and you go and do it, you will see, success will follow. Maybe it’s the matter of time, but who cares, all have to leave, as long as we have made the right effort to the right destination, doesn’t matter where you have to be forced to stop, because if you continue, you know you will make it!

Have this mindset, you will find, the success you desire is always within your reach!

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