Failure is a sure thing

Never believe if anyone tell you that you don’t have to fail.

In fact, you must fail, and failure it is, at least multiple times.

Ask any person with noteworthy success, they will tell you just that.

Any other who has the fluke, as said, it is just pure luck, so no point to be jealous.

You must try to be the best, and in the process you must fail multiple times, there is simply no other way.

You come to this world with nothing, so you will go with nothing, but before you go, at least you try to be wise, and to be hopeful of such wisdom is able to get you some physical results.

Be it money, property, self-confidence, good feeling, happiness, or whatever it is, that you think is important.

Again, look at anyone with noteworthy success, they must be good at something.

At the same time, they usually humbled with their success, and be as polite as possible to others (who are failures). This simply means, success gives way to failures.

But don’t let this fooled you.

They are good at something, so good that they will be spreading overflowed self-confidence, that they are on top of the world, and being the best or one of the best in what they do.

Of course! If they tell you they are better than you, how you feel? You felt sad or unhappy or bad. So never mind they are good in what they do and overflowed with self-confidence in doing what they are good at, they are still going to tame you to certain level, by downgrading their success as well as re-paint your failures, so that you feel better.

Yes! You did felt better right?

This is another reason to show that they are better than you!

Who are you anyway? Totally defeated, and what is worse? You are totally defeated without you knowing!!!

Awareness start with you knowing you need to have a goal. Thereafter you understand that a goal has to be having own spirit, thought, and efforts.

And of course, not everyone get it. But you will still certainly going to have enough competition along the way.

When a goal of yours, with the spirit and thoughts and best efforts of yours, competing with others, who will win?

As a general rule, everyone will have to lose!

However if you do it enough, meaning to say, having enough failures in your undertaking, then you might stand a chance.

That is why, the direction towards the destination or the efforts to achieve the goal must be enough to enable you to be happy.

If failure is a sure thing, then you shall at least be happy too!

R=HHW, goal=QQS=Spirit +Thoughts +Actions, success=failures=success. You have to learn not to be jealous, then others will be jealous of you.

The only reason you are still here in this world is you have to achieve your goal, else it is for you to keep looking for your goal.

Either way, the end is the same, you will have to continue to fail, and if you are good enough, you will score some along the way.

Life consists of highs and lows, so the important point is you keep moving, as long as you have gone through enough lows, the highs will come eventually.

It is the same all the way, you are destined to fail because you are designed to fail.

No one is perfect, the only difference is, who has more of the failures thus resulted in more success.

So if you reached the pinnacle one day later, look back again, you will see that you won’t be able to achieve such success without all those failures backing it up!

Failure is a sure thing, is not a negative vibe, in fact for failure to be a sure thing, is a positive point that you have to understand, as such, the more wisdom you gained from your failures, the nearer you get to your success!

You have lived a life until today, to teach you enough wisdom, how much you have absorbed will be entirely up to you.

You are the best, because you keep moving, keep failing, and by accumulate more wisdom in such a way , you continue to move one step closer to your goal.

It is the feel of such movement, to be one step closer, even if just a little small step, which shall motivate you to keep moving, because it is your goal, your thoughts, your actions, entirely motivated by your spirits.

Those who are the best always do their best, regardless of the reward.

In the end, all that matters is a direction or a movement, or simply you -> your goal!

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