Rocky Rocky Rocky…

It is not about how hard you hit, or at least it is not only about how hard you hit, but also how hard you can get hit.

You worked hard, you go for it, you try your best, do your best, do everything you can, keep refining every single steps, day after day after day, just to get beat again and again, and after time you get beat down, and you get up and keep going and work your way up again, try again, try to improve on every little things wherever possible, but you still get beat again and again, until you are down, and you continue the whole thing again and again, and yet results don’t show, but you still go for it, and keep trying, and do your best and keep moving…

The question is until when…

One thing is for sure. You can never beat time, time is undefeated.

But you can always use all your available time, to continue to try, work for what you want, do your best, go for it, fail again, try again, keep moving, again and again…

Just continue the loop. Loop it again and again, you are doctor time, time travel to the last day of your life, and guess what, keep trying too!

Until when? Until the day this person turned to dust, that’s when!

This is your life and you have all the rights to use all your time to achieve all you want, even until the last day of your life.

You have all the rights to your time because simply you are fully deserving of it, don’t wait the time to come and wipe you out before you have tried to endure until the end of it.

Go for it, again and again, do it again and again, always do your best, again and again!

All over again!

As much as you can, as long as it can, as far as it gets.

Because it is your absolute right to have full control of your time.

Others try and try again to take your time away from you, that is normal, but you must always focus on your goal, keep moving closer to your own destination.

Something you want to get, go and get it!

Others don’t want you to get it, they can go away!

But they don’t, didn’t they? They keep coming back for more, keep beating you down, again and again…

So what?

You can keep coming back for more too, as well as stay down.

But why stay down? Simply because they keep coming back for more? Unacceptable…


How hard you hit? Quite hard right? But still not there yet? Keep hitting…

But you get hit too… Please expect so…

And to all the enemies out there and the one in the mind asking you to quit, they can go to hell if not heaven!

Because you come back for more too!

Because you can get hit too!

And not only that, you can get hit, hard.

And they keep hitting harder and harder, please do so!

Please hit the hardest you can!

Please continue to do so!

Do your very best to hit, again and again…

If they put you down, you come up for more.

They put you down again, you keep coming back for more.

The more they put you down, the more you want to come back, and the harder you hit, again and again…

And you continue the loop…

‘Time, if you want to wipe me out, it will take all my time to do so!’

‘If I still can come back, then I want more!’

‘If I need to continue, I will!’

‘If I don’t see the reward in physical sense, I see it in my mind, that the action I took itself is a reward mentally to me!’

It is not ego, it is how you live, defined by your goal.

You have a choice.

You can make decision.

What goal you want?

Go for it, regardless…

What else you can expect?

You will absolutely getting nothing if you don’t continue to put it efforts and coming back for more.

So you continue… Again and again…

So what?

‘I just simply don’t care!’

‘I am me, and one way or another, I represent my goal!’

World champion!

Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!…

And it is not a coincidence that the road to be a world champion is a rocky one!

Over the rock, go through the rock, smash through the rock, whatever rock it is, you are harder than rock because you have time. You are doctor time because you have time, so don’t wait until the undefeated time come and wipe you out, because the undefeated time will win no matter what!

You can only win before your given time runs out!

You are doctor time, until time come and wipe you out. This is a matter of fact.

But before you are gone from this world, you have all your time to go for all you want!

So Rocky, are you going to quit when you fall again?

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