The challenge of the real secret shop

Time after time, the question asked is why and the problem is how.

But the why and how become apparent now, that it is extremely difficult to teach success to failures.

Of course there is no need to teach success to those successful ones, because they have understood success.

What is the real secret anyway?

First you must have a goal, then you must start sailing, and sailing means 3 planes, i.e. spiritual, mental and physical.

Basically that is all it took for anyone to get to success.

However, if it is so simple why so many failures? Why people fails?

A failure will be due to either your spirits, or your thoughts, or your actions, or your goal itself.

You must be able to realize if there is any problem to your goal, by the level of energy you have (spirit), the way to do it (thought) and the effectiveness of your efforts (your actions).

Then you either boost your spirits, change your thoughts, or adjust your actions.

If all fails, there is something wrong in your goal, change it!

If one of it fails, come back to your goal again and decide whether the goal is worth pursuing. If yes, review again the 3 ‘kingmakers’ of your success, i.e. the spirits, the thoughts and your actions.

The best is those who are successful, and they succeed because they have a good goal, backed with a good spirit, good thoughts and good efforts.

There is simply no other way.

The challenge of the real secret shop is simply, to do the impossible.

If it is so simple, why the rest of the failures still fail?

Truly the simplicity of success does not in any way mean it is easy.

Why the successful ones achieve success so effortlessly while the rest are just going to screw up, again and again?

It is because it is not easy. And it is not easy because you are a failure.

Acknowledge and admit that you are a failure if you are one. If all the successful ones keep admitting they are failures and they failed time and time again, why not you?

Thereafter, with your acknowledgement of your own failures, review again your goal, and back it up with a stronger spirit, better thoughts, and better efforts. And this is the only way how the successful ones achieve their successes.

Why the mission to teach success is a near impossible task? It is mainly due to those failures (yes, you included) don’t have a goal.

Why you don’t have a goal? Because you are not taught to have one or you think it is not necessary or else. Either way, you must understand the importance of having a goal.

But if you have a goal, do you have the right attitude (spirit), the right mindset (thoughts) and the best efforts (your actions) to back your goal up?

It won’t get more complicated than that!

Again, if it is so simple, why it is almost impossible for the real secret shop to teach you success?

Those successful ones, if they are going to read this, they will read with acknowledgement, that it is absolutely 100% true that you need to do these things to achieve success. But guess what those failures without success will do if they read this? They will simply ignore some or all of the facts here!

All these are piece of crap you might think. But if you think so, the author will acknowledge your level of understandings and your decision over the matter.

The author acknowledge such situation because it is because of this very thought, that majority of people go through life as a failure without them ever realizing it.

Truly the only thing that you need to do is to set a goal and start sailing.

That will solve all your problems.

To teach such principle of success to majority of people who are failures, is definitely an ultimate challenge for the real secret shop and the author.

Truly the author cannot change the world.

Only you can change you.

And now that you know that only you can change you, it is your choice to make, to continue to live without any noteworthy goal, or to make a goal and start sailing.

With that the author has given to you the key to unlock any success within you.

From now onwards, what to do with the key, will be entirely up to you!

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