The efforts

Work. Work. Work.

You have to work your way up.

It is just the way it is. You won’t get up by doing nothing.

You do something for something, it means you have expectations.

It must be that way, because it is simply no other way too.

You do something because you expect something in return.

There is no such thing as nothing for something or something for nothing.

It is just nothing for nothing or something for something!

But your efforts is the headline here, it must mean something to you!

Your efforts cannot be nothing!

How can it be nothing? You set a goal, you plan for your actions, you take actions, you refine your actions, you repeat your actions, you think it over, fine-tune here and there, start sailing again. You do everything there is to be done!

But what if the monetary results or the financial results or the acknowledgement from others simply did not come? Is it nothing then?

The author has come to the conclusion that the efforts itself must be equal to the rewards in a minimum sense. If you can get some money, or more money, or something else in return for your efforts, it is a plus, but it cannot be the only thing as the reward!

Imagine you work and work and work for your goal, till the last day of your life, but you still get nothing back… Do you continue to work for your goal on the very last day?

The only way you will still work for your goal in the last day of your life is because the work itself is the reward!

The reward start from the efforts, then it multiplied into money or other physical things.

Don’t let anyone fool you that you are doing nothing if you don’t get any money out of what you do.

Just look at those who has a lot of money, what they are doing? They become venture capitalist and invest in others. They put their money into the pockets of others. Then what use is the money?

It is exactly the efforts to move the money from one pocket to another that which must be classified as the reward.

What you do must be the reward.

You are here, in this world, to do something.

And that something that you do must be a reward to you!

Whatever you get other than the efforts as the rewards will be a plus to your efforts.

A plus to your efforts, you don’t always get, you don’t have to get too, it will come if it wanna come.

Your part is to do your best, or put in your best efforts.

Then by continuously putting in the best efforts, a plus must come, not necessarily to you, but if not you, there must be another, whom also put in their best efforts.

It is the way it is. Not everyone who put in the best efforts gets the money.

There is only so much in the pond and you need to wait for your turn, even on the last day of your life!

As a whole, since the efforts must equal to the reward, as well as the efforts serve as the starting point of your reward, or it is the first thing that you get as the reward, then you can easily judge whether you do the right thing or not.

Because simply, if you are doing the right thing, then you shall feel such best efforts given by you is the form of reward to you too!

Else, check your goal again, change what you do if needed, start sailing again.

Either change your action or your goal, or any other things, always make sure you are rewarded.

Because you are the best and when you put in your best, you deserved to have the reward.

Because in the end, all that matters is THE EFFORTS!!!

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