The last day of your life

Choose a goal that you want to do on the last day of your life, not anything else.

Imagine you as an old man, moving slowly, doing things slowly, because of physical deterioration. You must still have a goal. So what is the goal at that situation?

Ironically, the goal that you choose during your young days or when you are full of energy, shall be the same.

You don’t want to carry regrets into your graves, but you don’t want to do nothing on the last day of your life.

You want to do something, something that relates to your goal, to be the best in your own way.

As such, let’s revisit the components of a goal.

A goal must consists of its physical or your actions or your best efforts, plus the mental side of it, and the most important ingredient of all, the spirit.

Spiritually your goal must be able to live on. You don’t want to have a goal to drive your car to your workplace, where you need to figure out which road to take if one of it is heavily jammed. Sure you will put in your best efforts to drive, like a world class driver, and choose the path to get to your destination in the best possible way, but do you have the spirit? In another words, are you motivated?

Truly, this thing the author cannot teach you. The author can only allow you to realize or understand such thing named spirit or motivation exists.

The good feelings when you do something of your choosing, can only be felt by you and you only, when you get some physical results in a positive way out of it.

For example, let’s do something, then you will earn a lot of money. Then are you a success?

Many will say, just give me the money. That means just let me fail, but let me have the money.

The author is teaching success to you here, to be clear. If you have your way to get a lot of money in a way that you can take short cut that you yourself cannot understand, that is you and you only, and as a whole that will never justify your success.

Success, as said, must be able to motivate you, and keep you thinking, and thus motivate you to put in your best efforts.

Then, again, what if the result (the physical result, or the money, or other things) never come?

This is where the majority met failures.

As such, as easy as it is, if you can take short cuts to get a lot of money or any physical things that you desired, you can lose it just like how you get it. That is exactly the same thing, spiritually speaking, because the mental side and physical side of it means nothing without spirit.

QQS rating as mentioned in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, meant to tell you that it is all about the spirit!

Quality and quantity is merely to support the spirit!

You must have the spirit!

Sadly the author cannot teach or give you spirit. Here the author wish to show you how to find your own spirit, by doing the things that you like and set a goal for a start.

It is ok if your first goal is not good enough or not having enough spirit, but you need to know where is the spirit because that will be your next goal.

Of course the question…

I don’t know what can motivate me, can you teach me how to find it?

Here the author hope you can keep moving by keep looking.

Just set sailing with a goal that relates to you in a way, while try to feel the spirit, and thinking about it, and putting in your best efforts, keep an open mind and see if any better goal appeared in your mind.

You know it when you have it.

It will just popped, just like that. But that will not mean it is the end of your goal setting story.

What it means is, the beginning of your new goal.

What you do in the beginning of your new goal? Again, think and grow rich, think about how to do better, and do it! Not to forget, put in your best efforts.

Are you the best?

Again, this question is here, because the best will set a goal and think and grow rich. If that particular goal not worthy at the later stage, they will set a new goal and keep moving. Then they will repeat this cycle, over and over again. That is why they are the best. So do your best!

And what are the things that those who are ‘the best’ do in the last day of their life? They keep motivated, they keep thinking, and they still put in their best efforts, all because of they want to achieve their goal, as well as they knew if they missed one of the ingredients, they will fail. Never mind if the physical results (money etc.) never come, but they know that they will stand a chance if they have the QQS.

So the first day or the last day of your life, what is the difference? Nothing! Physical results recognized only QQS, or the spirit, thoughts and the best efforts of your goal.

Be it the first or the last day, it makes no difference at all!

If you read until this point, you might asked, what if the old man you, want to set a new goal on the last day of your life?

The author will make it clear again to you, do it!

It is all about your goal, backed by spirit, thoughts and actions (your best efforts)!

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