Chapter 3 : Intelligence

What is intelligence?

This is a question that require some understanding of this world beforehand to answer.

The world that we live in consists of nothing but few things, namely energy, matter, time, space, and intelligence.

Human is the specimen which is also coupled with the intelligence. But where come the intelligence?

It must be controlled by the big boss. Let’s give it a scientific name for now, namely universal intelligence.

All intelligence must come from this source. Therefore it is not difficult to see that the intelligence possessed by men is the greatest gift given by the big boss or the universal intelligence.

However this gift comes with two conditions.

First is the reward that you must receive when you use it for the good of the world.

Secondly, it is the price that you must pay if you choose not to use it, or use it to cause harm to others.

At this point it is crystal clear that whoever belt the world with the goods are rewarded handsomely, namely Edison, Ford, Jack Ma, Napoleon Hill etc.

It is also clear that whoever tried to create chaos will fail miserably, war is coming for those who tried to violate the universal rule and never be given the opportunity to possess this intelligence again. And the universal intelligence or the big boss will make sure that happen.

If you want to be successful, if you want the reward of any kind, be it happiness, health or wealth, there is only one way, do good to others, even to your enemy!

Thank them for the chaos that they caused you, for it granted you enough wisdom to understand they will be gone and you will win, provided you use the gift wisely.

And it is the chaos that they have created which allowed you to have your opportunity to win, provided you keep looking for it.

Never give up!

For your success!

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